Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Day

I will mention right now that the only reason I am posting in the same day is because it is Saturday! I did have a really fun day though. I was finally able to sleep in and it was super exciting (I woke up at 10:30) Then the day began! Grabbing some food with Balla and Corey, playing pool in the Fish Bowl (this is a centralized place between the guys and girls dorm buildings where many people congregate. It has ping pong, pool and tons of comfy couch/chair things) then Joe and I went to Mardels to get my school books. Then of course there was dinner in the SAGA (the school cafeteria) and homework. The homework consisted of a syllabus quiz and Spanish! Gotta love learning Spanish vowels and consonants! Later I got a smoothie with a friend and we walked around the campus. It is so beautiful at night and fun to be outside when it's not quite as hot! Well it is getting late and I must wake up for church in the morning. Stay strong and rock on!!!

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