Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Been Awhile...Again

So I just realized I haven't really posted anything since the beginning of the semester. I had these great plans to post every day and keep you guys updated but the business of school has distracted me yet again. Things are going well here, just keeping me on my toes. I did not get a part in Oklahoma but I think God knew best because with everything else I have going on the rehearsal schedule would have been too grueling. Out of all my classes I have really been enjoying Theatre History II and Acting for Film. Theatre History is fun because we just have a blast in that class and I am learning some fascinating things about theatre in the past. Acting for Film has been incredible and I am discovering more and more how much I enjoy the world of film.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break was fantastic! I got to spend a week with my family up in Breckenridge and got in three solid days of snowboarding to kick off the season. As always the food was amazing and just having a break was wonderful. Now it is back to school to finish up the semester so I can drive home and spend a month in oh so perfect and magnificent Colorado. I am so ready to see all my friends and spend some time catching up. I was also able to get my tree set up in my room so it is now officially Christmas season! Yay! :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Back in the Swing

Classes have started back up again with today being the first day of the semester! Over all it has been a great first day, but I can already tell it will be a busy semester. With 17.5 hours and many of those classes project heavy I certainly have my work cut out for me. So far I have had Theatre History II, Costume Design, and Field Production and Editing. There will be great opportunities for learning new things and skills and I am looking forward to the challenge. I'll try to fill in some more details as the week progresses and keep the blogs coming. Until next time!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Show

So this semester I wasn't sure if I was going to have time to be in a show, but as it turned out a friend of mine was doing her senior project and offered for me to audition. The name of the play was The Sound of a Voice and it was an Asian piece with two characters. Although I am not Asian, as you all well know, she took a chance and cast me as the woman. We had a great time rehearsing. My director did a great job of working with me and my cast mate Will on understanding the Asian background of our story and learning how to portray that world on stage. Sadly we only got to perform it once since it was a senior project, but we had fun and that is what's important. I've added a couple pictures of me with Will my co-star and Megg my director.

Finally Back

So I have decided to start blogging again and hopefully this time I will be able to keep up with it. This semester has been busy and I cannot believe it is almost over. I head out Friday for Thanksgiving break back in Colorado. I am looking forward to spending time with my family and hopefully getting some time out on the slopes. Some exciting things have happened over the past several months and I will be posting with stories and pictures in the days to follow.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crazy Busy but Loving Every Minute!

Wow, the past couple of weeks have been super busy. School is really starting to pick up and I have had a couple of bigger assignments due already. Plus the past two weekends were spent with family, which was amazing. Spanish class continues to keep me busy and on my toes. For example we started a new chapter on Monday, learned over hundred new vocab words, and then had a quiz today over those words. I am starting to understand Spanish a little better now and that makes it fun. My other classes are going well and do not have as much daily homework. Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to go to Silver Dollar City with my family. It is an old frontier reenactment park where we used to go when I was little. There are rides, good food, and craftsmen of all types. Plus over the past two week I was able to see all my family on my dad's side! We went boating, rented jet skis, and played games. Living on campus is fun and I am getting more and more involved in leadership and social activities. I received the position as Assistant RA. It basically means that I help my RA with certain tasks and learn the program from watching her. It is also an opportunity to serve our amazing wing leaders. We are getting ready for our "Get Your Roommate a Date" event. Because I am social chair I am heading up most of the planning. It is exciting though because another girl on my floor is on the social team with me and it makes all the difference in the world to have help. I will post with more details as I discover them. You are all a blessing to me and you remain in my prayers always. Love ya!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun Filled Tuesday

I hope all of you are having a good week so far. Mine has been busy, but fun. Today I had a full day of classes (Tuesdays consist of four classes) but managed to squeeze in lunch with some friends. The cafeteria does stir fry Tuesdays and it is amazing. It is actually the only day that I eat lunch in SAGA, normally I grab a sandwich from the deli or get chick-fil-a. But stir fry it was and the friends were awesome! After classes I had the opportunity to go to a volleyball game at Victory Christian School. One of the girls I met at the youth group where I am volunteering is on the freshman high school team and she invited me to go. It was great to get out and support her and hopefully make a connection beyond just "hey what's up". Ironically ORU's girls volleyball had a game tonight as well. I went to work out with some friends and then ended up staying at the game. We lost, but it was fun to cheer on the team and support the Golden Eagles! Well I do believe I am off to bed now so that I can be rested up for another fun filled day tomorrow. I miss all of you and pray for you often. In Christ's love :)