Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun Filled Tuesday

I hope all of you are having a good week so far. Mine has been busy, but fun. Today I had a full day of classes (Tuesdays consist of four classes) but managed to squeeze in lunch with some friends. The cafeteria does stir fry Tuesdays and it is amazing. It is actually the only day that I eat lunch in SAGA, normally I grab a sandwich from the deli or get chick-fil-a. But stir fry it was and the friends were awesome! After classes I had the opportunity to go to a volleyball game at Victory Christian School. One of the girls I met at the youth group where I am volunteering is on the freshman high school team and she invited me to go. It was great to get out and support her and hopefully make a connection beyond just "hey what's up". Ironically ORU's girls volleyball had a game tonight as well. I went to work out with some friends and then ended up staying at the game. We lost, but it was fun to cheer on the team and support the Golden Eagles! Well I do believe I am off to bed now so that I can be rested up for another fun filled day tomorrow. I miss all of you and pray for you often. In Christ's love :)

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